Handmade Angelina Ballerina Costume

I’ve had dreams in the past, even grand plans, to make Maya’s Halloween costume. But, those grand plans and great ideas always ended with me buying a costume instead. This year when Maya said she wanted to be Angelina Ballerina for Halloween I knew I would likely have to make her costume because I wouldn’t have a fall back that I could just buy at the store.

I looked around online to see what was available and when I found one only okay looking costume I set to work making my plans to make it myself. I sought some advice on making my own tutu and watched a couple of videos on making mouse ears. From there I felt some what prepared and set to work gathering the necessary supplies.

The first part of the costume I tackled was the tutu. I purchased 3 rolls of pink tulle, a wide elastic band and some red roses. I measured Maya to determine waist size and length I wanted for the tutu. After measuring and cutting a ton of tulle I set to work tying the tulle to the elastic waistband I had made. I wanted the tutu to be very puffy so I stacked three pieces of tulle for each section. Once all the tulle was tied on I added the red rose. It turned out pretty well.


Once I had successfully completed the tutu I set to work on the mouse ears. I purchased a white headband, white felt, pink felt and white foam pieces. I traced a glass to make my ear pieces. Each ear is made up of 2 rounds of white felt with 2 rounds of foam glued inside for structure. I added smaller pink rounds to the front of each ear. To attach the ears to the headband I used a strip of felt glued to each ear and wrapped around the headband and glued into place. I added a big pink bow in the center to make them look more like Angelina ears.


I was very happy with how both the ears and the tutu turned out, but more importantly Maya was very happy with the finally outcome.


My little Angelina Ballerina!


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