Goodbye St. Louis

This week has been full of bittersweet moments with the friends and places that made St. Louis home, made it a place I have loved for over a decade now. It is hard to say goodbye, so very very hard.

When we moved to St. Louis 12 years ago I didn’t really know much about the city, I didn’t know what to expect. I’ll admit it took a bit for the city to grow on me. We lived in an area didn’t like at all when we first moved here and my commute to work was way too long. Once we moved to our condo and my commute was cut in half this city instantly began to feel like home. I loved everything about where we lived and we started really taking advantage of everything this city has to offer.

St. Louis is where Lorne started his career. Where we bought our first and second home. Where we welcomed our girls into our family. Where we met and got to know some of the most important people on our lives. St. Louis is home. How do you say goodbye to home.

Thank you St. Louis for the last 12 years. I will look back on this city and the places we love here with very fond memories. I will hold close in my heart the friends that helped make this place feel like home.

I wish I didn’t have to say it, but i do…Goodbye St. Louis.

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3 comments on “Goodbye St. Louis

  1. That just about made ME cry so I can’t imagine how you are feeling today. I’m sure that the same things you said about St. Louis will hold true for Seattle also. Many more firsts in life to come! Good luck on the trip to Seattle and have fun!

  2. Wishing you, Loren and your girls the best in your new home. May it quickly feel like home and be full of many new adventures.

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