Diaper Rashes and Diaper Disasters, The Glamorous Life of a Parent

Diaper rashes are par for the course when it comes to babies. Every baby has them at one point or another during their diapering days. Between foods that cause irritation, spending too much time in a wet diaper, diarrhea or those inevitable diaper blowouts there really is no avoiding them.

Just as diaper rashes are par for the course with wee ones, so are diaper disasters. We parents all have a diaper disaster story tucked away to embarrass our kids with later in life. I’ve got a few good ones from Maya’s projectile spray out the car door while being changed at a highway rest stop that narrowly missed my leg, to Anna’s poop in the bathtub incident.

But, the one that takes the cake, the diaper disaster story I’ll be telling for years to come happened when Anna was just a wee, wee baby, maybe a month or two old. She was a bit fussy (I later discovered the reason), so I was walking a big circle around my living room/dining room/kitchen to calm her down. I was cradling her in my arms and rocking her. Her bottom was pressed into my hands.

As I rocked and walked I, all of a sudden, heard a not-so-pleasant sound coming from her bottom, followed by the sound of something splashing on the floor. I looked down to discover a surprisingly large pile of breastfed baby poop on my living room floor (luckily it is hardwood!) accompanied by poop all over myself and Anna.

It was the biggest blow out I have ever experienced. I was, of course, thoroughly grossed out as I cleaned up the mess. But after I couldn’t help but laugh. Which, if you ask me, is the sign of a great diaper disaster story!

Even with a few nasty blow outs to their names that caused their little bottoms to become a bit irritated, my girls have been pretty lucky in the diaper rash department. We’ve dealt with a few little rashes but nothing too severe, nothing a little time spent sans diaper and a little diaper rash ointment couldn’t resolve quickly.

Since we’ve been lucky when it comes to managing to avoid diaper rashes most of the time, our use of diaper rash cream is primarily to help keep their little tushies dry and irritation free. I’ve used pretty much every diaper rash cream out there at one point or another trying to find the perfect one for my needs.

I use diaper cream more often with Anna than I did with Maya. Anna is in a perpetual state of constipation and between straining and often large, skin-irritating explosions that follow, the skin on her bottom can get red and irritated if I don’t keep on top of it. I apply diaper cream at every diaper change to help avoid the irritation.

I have a few favorites, but I’m always open to giving other products a try so when I was contacted about giving Boudreaux’s Butt Paste a try, I was glad to do it.

I’ve been using the product on Anna for several days now, and I am very pleased with the results so far. When I first started using it she was constipated so I knew she was about to have a large bowel movement that would likely irritate her skin. It was a great time to give the Butt Paste a try.

One thing I really like about the cream is how easy it is to apply. It is very smooth and easy to handle, and it wipes off very easily. I’m not a fan of creams that clump and are difficult to wipe off the skin during diaper changes so I was impressed that Butt Paste lived up to its claim.

Anna did indeed have a couple of large, potentially skin-irritating bowel movements the other day, and Boudreaux’s Butt Paste did a great job of protecting her skin. I saw no signs of redness or irritation. I think Boudreaux’s Butt Paste will definitely be a new member of my favorites list.

I think Anna is a fan too 😉

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23 comments on “Diaper Rashes and Diaper Disasters, The Glamorous Life of a Parent

  1. My daughter gets diaper rash on occasion. Besides barrier creams, I’ve heard it’s a good idea to let babies play without a diaper on so that their skin is exposed to the air.

  2. My 22 month old still gets bad diaper rashes. but my 7 month old son hasn’t had any yet. knock on wood 🙂

  3. My children had an occasional diaper rash, however, I always kept them fry and with a barrier cream. Of course I wish I had butt cream, because it seems that it works great in rashes.

  4. I always tried to change my son often, but if his bottom got irritated I would let him go without a diaper for a while to air it out.

  5. I have used Butt Paste before. We were on vacation a few years ago and my son had a severe reaction to the cholorine at the pool. He got diaper rash so badly and we didn’t have any diaper rash cream with us. We had to stop somewhere and find some and thankfully it got better!

  6. That is one of the few brands I have tried that actually worked well. One brand that shall remain nameless gave my son a rash in addition to his diaper rash! Luckily we have not had to battle diaper rash too often.

  7. One time, Jack had a rash and I was at my sister’s house. She has a boy 7 months older than Jack and she allows him ‘diaper free time’ to air things out and help heal rashes. She suggested that Jack have some diaper free time while we were there. So Jack is crawling around and pulling himself up on things, sans diaper. I look over a few minutes later and he had pooped on the floor! The diaper free time helped his rash, but I was so embarrassed that my son pooped on my sister’s floor!

  8. Boudreaux’s was actually the first we bought. Oprah did a segment on it when I was a teenager that I still remembered all those years later. We hardly ever use diaper cream so we still have that same tube. Maybe it’s time I check the expiration date…

  9. i dont have children yet but i feel like ive learned a lot from reading everyones’ posts 🙂

  10. Unfortunately, we have far too many diaper rash stories as of late! My son recently had a huge rash–blisters and open wounds. It started with a small rash, then the humidity and heat created a perfect little home for bacteria to grow. Thankfully, he has healed at this point. During the rash debaucle, my husband was letting him run around the house naked. After he left for work, I headed down the hall after my little guy, thinking I would put a diaper on him just in case. I entered his bedroom only to find about 6 piles of watery, green diarrhea (He was on antibiotics). As he was about to stick his finger in one especially gross pile, I swooped in and grabbed him, placing him in his play pen while I started on the mess. I can laugh about it now, but boy, I was not too pleased to be cleaning up green diarrhea out of my light tan carpet first thing in the morning. 😉

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