With summer in full swing, temperatures rising on a daily basis and lazy no-school, play-filled fun filling our days, thoughts of camping have been on our minds. We’ve been busy doing a lot of stuff around the house lately so our weekends have been pretty busy, too busy for a camping trip. Friday afternoon we were hanging out in the backyard. Lorne was home early from work to spend a little extra time with his girls in advance of a 2 week long business trip. Lorne and Maya got talking about camping and the next thing I knew plans were being made for a grand Backyard Campout. Maya was super excited!

After dinner the prep work began. The tent was set up, beds were made and Maya even made a little “fire” complete with camp chairs for her and her Dad :)

I was a bit skeptical as to whether Maya would be able to fall asleep and stay asleep outside as she scares easily, but she did awesome. Lorne and I sat in the backyard while she fell asleep. It took her longer than it does in her own bed, it was still light out so I wasn’t surprised by that. But, once she finally passed out she was out for the night. It was a hot night so I don’t think either of them had a great sleep and Lorne’s wake up call came bright and early once the sun was up, but all in all they had a good time.

I foresee a few more backyard camps this summer.


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