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As I mentioned last week I was very much looking forward to this Mother’s Day as I was going to be receiving my very first handmade creation from Maya. Her teacher helped the kiddos in her preschool class make little gifts for their moms. Maya brought it home from school last Thursday all wrapped and tied up with a bow. She was so excited and could hardly keep it a secret. She had to whisper what it was to Lorne several times so she wouldn’t let it slip to me. Seriously, you could see she was just about to burst if she had to keep it a secret much longer.

On Mother’s Day morning I was laying in bed when I heard “Yay, it’s Mother’s Day….MOM” coming from Maya’s room. It was adorable. She was so excited because it meant she would finally get to give me her present.

I had been waiting for this moment and unwrapped her gift to see what she created for me. This is what I got.

I love it! It is a little flower in a flower pot and the stems of the flower are made up of Maya’s hand print. I know I said it already, but seriously, I love it. This will be kept for a very long time and when I’m old and gray and my baby isn’t to little anymore I’ll pull it out and remember how excited that 4 year old Maya was to give me this gift and I’ll marvel that her hand was ever that little.

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