Easter Firsts

We had a wonderful Easter, very low key, but lots of fun. Maya had a blast hunting for Easter eggs and Anna enjoyed her first little Easter basket.

We started a new tradition this year. Saturday afternoon Maya planted some “magic” jelly beans in our garden. I gave her a small handful of jelly beans and told her they were “magic beans” and that if she planted them in the garden something special would grow from them and be waiting in the garden for her Easter morning. She wholeheartedly believes in magic right now so her eyes light up and she went on and on trying to guess what they might turn into. Easter morning we headed out to the garden and she found that her “magic” jelly beans had turned into a flower lollipop and a carrot filled with jelly beans. It blew her little mind! It was such a fun little activity and will definitely be a yearly tradition for us.

Though Anna is way too young to understand what was going on Easter morning she sure did enjoy the fact that a bunch of fun new toys appeared in front of her. She had so much fun playing with the little plastic eggs and her little Easter basket.

We had a lovely Easter morning with our girls. It is so fun to watch how excited they get and how magical it all is to them. The rest of our Easter was spent outside working in the yard and enjoying a nice dinner on our new patio. It was the perfect day.

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