I Want to Remember…

Anna is at such a fun age right now. There is so much going on in her busy little head. She is trying so hard to learn new things. So quickly the things I loved about her yesterday are gone, replaced with new things to love about her. Babyhood is all about changing and growing up. So quickly the things that make Anna, Anna, are shifting, changing as she grows. I want to remember these little things. I want to remember all the Anna-isms that make up my sweet baby girl.

Anna I want to remember everything about you as a baby. I want to remember…

The way you twirl your little hands like a hula dancer almost all the time, but especially when you want something. If you really want something you’ll start twirling your feet too 🙂

The way scrunch up your face and give a cheeky little smile when you are trying to be cute.

The way you shake your head “No” because you know we think it is cute and funny and will always get a laugh out of us.

The way you squeal with delight (and twirl your hands with gusto)  just at the mere sight of your big sister.

The determined focus you get when a kitty is within reach.

The way you have to kick your feet as you are falling asleep.

The giant smile you get whenever you hear a squeaky toy.

The way you’ll just all of a sudden look up at me and smile when I look back at you.

The way your press your little head firmly into my shoulder to give me a little “Anna hug”.

The way you grab my cheeks and then place your open mouth on my chin to give me an “Anna kiss”.

The look of pure delight and pride you get on your face when someone copies a sound you have made.

I’m so thankful to live in a time when preserving these memories through photos and videos is simple. I can take hundreds, even thousands of photos and quick videos so that down the road when I begin to forget these little things I can look back at photos and videos and be reminded.

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