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These days I spend a lot of time doing laundry, like seriously A LOT. Some days I’m doing at least a load every day, it is a bit ridiculous. Why, exactly, am I doing so much laundry, you ask? Well, you see, I’m the proud parent of a “Happy Spitter”. I know I’m so lucky, right ­čśë

So, what is a “Happy Spitter”, or as our pediatrician likes to refer to it “The Laundry Maker”? A “happy spitter” is a baby who spits up frequently but is still eating well, gaining weight and otherwise happy. Basically, it is when spitting up isn’t necessarily the sign of a problem or causing the baby any distress, but is just more of a┬ánuisance. And, boy is it ever a nuisance!

Anna is a “happy spitter”. She has been spitting up on a regular basis, and by regular basis I mean almost every feeding, since she was born. We go through a lot of burp cloths, receiving blankets, and clothing (both hers and mine) every day. I have purchased an insane number of burp cloths (I have at least a dozen) and receiving blankets to help avoid having to do laundry every day. It has helped a bit, most of the time I only find myself needing to do baby laundry every other day. Kind of sad when you consider every other day laundry an improvement.

There isn’t anything I can do to stop this annoying habit of my wee one, it’s just something she does. It is probably caused by a combination of a few different things like my overactive letdown, her immature digestive system and the very rapid way in which she consumes her food. There isn’t really anything I can do to stop the constant vomiting. I burp her a lot, and keep her upright for a while after she eats, but really other than that I’m just kind of stuck with it until she out grows it.

Any other parents out there dealing with happy spitters? What tricks have you discovered? Have you found any ways to keep the spitting up to a minimum?

Now if you’ll excuse me I need to go fold another load of baby laundry.

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5 comments on “Happy Spitter

  1. Well, I thought spitting was the norm as all 3 of my boys did that! I was really surprised when Maya didn’t and I wondered how that could be – she was so clean and tidy about everything!

  2. My son is 7 month old and was just diagnosed as a “Happy Spitter” today! He started to spit up after almost every meal since a few month now, or maybe since i feed him solid…I hear you, im doing lots of laundry too!
    Our pediatrician said give him cereal with the formula, however im reading everywhere that i shouldnt do that! Its just so confusing, i dont know what to do! I aready cut (and messed up) 3 nipple, but im not sure if i even should do that…
    Is your pedi recommended the cereal with formula? Is there any special nipple to feed the baby with?

  3. Gyorgyi,

    My ped does not recommend adding cereal to a bottle. I breastfeed so it isn’t even an option for me. If I were you I would be sure to stick with low flow nipples as they slower they get the milk the less air they take in which often means less gas and less spitting up.

  4. Thanks Lisa, i will try that. I also might switch his formula for the special spit up A.R. formula…

  5. My daughter is 8 weeks old and has spit up frequently and large amounts since birth. My mother n law watches her while I’m at work and thought she may have acid reflux. We took her to her ped. They did a thorough exam checking for signs in her mouth and throat like swelling redness and signs of acid. They didn’t see any signs. She is gaining great 2 # in the last few weeks so they diagnosed her as a spitter. Her ped said her diaphragm is uncoordinated and causes her to do this. They recommend feeding her upright and keeping her upright for 2 1/2 hours after each feeding. She is what I call a sipper and only drinks small amounts like 1-2 oz but often. Her doc says this will help also. Other signs of this uncoordinated diaphragm is hiccups multiple times a day. So other than some techniques there’s no treatment for her being a spitter. They say she should grow out of it around 6 months when she starts solids and sits up. My ped says do not put cereal in formula because of her sensitive tummy. We have tried several formulas and enfamil prosobee works the best for our baby it has partially broken down proteins which make it easier for her to digest. Bottom line is my mom n law and I both feel better knowing she’s ok and not being harmed by all the spitting up. Reading other moms experiences also reassured me she and I would be ok.

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