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Let's Talk Babies!

I love babywearing. I did it a lot with Maya when she was a baby, and even as a toddler and still willing to climb in the backpack or sit in the sling. Babywearing is a godsend when you need to have your hands free but your baby needs to be held, I can’t imagine life without a baby carrier. I’ve managed to grocery shop, make a meal, vacuum, go for a walk, write a blog post, all thanks to the wonders of the baby carrier.

I thought I knew the magic of babywearing from my experiences with it when Maya was little but, truly, I don’t think any parent can quite know how awesome it can be until you have more than one child to care for. Being able to throw Anna in my Moby wrap or Ergo carrier has been such a godsend. It has given me the freedom to do things with Maya, and care for Maya in ways I can’t when both my hands are occupied with holding a baby. Plus, I just love the feeling of wearing my baby, it makes me feel so close to her. I love how snuggly she is, the little comfort coos she makes as she lays against my chest. Plus, the added bonus is that she can’t NOT sleep when I put her in the carrier, it pretty much results in instant sleep.

I pretty much wear Anna every where.

Around the house.

Out on our little adventures around town to the zoo, the park, the botanical gardens, the grocery store, the mall, every where.

My piece of advice for any new parent, especially those dealing with a fussy infant who doesn’t want to nap anywhere but on mom or dad, is to invest in a baby carrier of some kind. Trust me, it will be the best baby dollars you spend. I mean what could be better than baby snuggles and both your hands free to do other things that need to get done.

Anna’s closet if filled with carriers of various kinds including front carriers like my ergo and baby bjorn, a moby wrap, and a sling. My favorites are the moby wrap and the ergo. If I need to wear her around the house my go to carrier is the moby wrap. When I wear her around town I usually go for the ergo.


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