What’s In A Name?

Naming a child is a big responsibility. The name we give them, they carry for the rest of their lives. Finding the perfect name is sometimes a daunting task. The responsibility, to me at least, seems huge. You don’t want to saddle your child with a name they are going to hate, or that causes them a ton of grief as they grow up. You want to pick a name that suites them and is one they will be proud to utter, one they can grow up with and not every think twice about. I hope I have accomplished that for both my girls.

Very early on in this pregnancy I had a pretty strong feeling I was carrying another girl. The same thing had happened when I was pregnant with Maya so I pretty much trusted my instincts. Even though everyone else seemed to think the baby was going to be a boy I quietly trusted my instincts and started thinking about what girl names I liked and I would add to my short list for future name discussions with Lorne. I had a small list ready to go the day we had our ultrasound and it was confirmed that my instincts were indeed correct again and we were having another little girl.

One of the very first names I thought of was the name Anna. My very favorite fictional character from my very favorite book is Anne from Anne of Green Gables. I thought it would be neat to honor that love but I didn’t really like the name Anne so I thought, why not do a spin on the name and go with Anna. It is a beautiful, simple, classic name and goes well with our last name. It was a beautiful name that would also always hold special meaning for me. I added it to the top of my list and kept my fingers crossed that Lorne would agree to it.

We discussed names for a while, tossed around a few suggestions, but I always came back to my favorite, Anna. Finally, Lorne agreed that he liked that name too and it was settled. Lorne chose the middle name of Lily. It is actually one of our cat’s names and a name I have always loved. We really liked the way the name flowed with Anna.

Anna Lily, our beautiful, sweet, amazing bundle of joy. Anna means grace and so far that describes her perfectly.

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