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We’ve been home for a little over 2 weeks. It feels, at times, like Australia is a distant memory and we’ve been home forever.  It is amazing how easily we just slide back into our routine. I had expected a bit of an adjustment period, a bit of time to get used to life at home again. But, really, we settled right back into things immediately. No adjustment period, no uneasiness, no needing to get used to things again.

The past couple of weeks have been spent in a mix of visiting favorite spots here in St. Louis and visiting with some of our favorite people. Between trips to the park, the zoo, the book store, our local rec center pool and visits with friends we’ve managed to fill our days with fun activities and we’ve kept ourselves busy. Maya’s backyard pool has gotten a lot of use too thanks to some pretty hot weather we’ve been having here in St. Louis. The backyard pool has come in handy to help keep her occupied while I’ve attempted to make some sense of our overgrown, weed ridden gardens.

Of course, it hasn’t been all fun and games. Coming home has required a return to a routine filled with grocery store runs and house cleaning and laundry and A LOT of work in the yard. Luckily, our house sitter took very good care of the house and had cleaned it just before I got home so I was able to ease, slowly, back into my routine. Our house felt huge the first couple of times I had to vacuum. I had gotten used to vacuuming our small 2 bedroom apartment in Australia! I’ve spent the most amount of time trying to get my garden back into a presentable state. It was riddled with weeds and some of the plants were incredibly overgrown. Other than a few bushes that will need to be trimmed when Lorne gets home the front yard is looking pretty good.  The backyard, however, is a different stories. It will likely take all summer before it is looking somewhat reasonable again. With all the things I’ve had to do the last couple of weeks the relaxation of life in Australia has become a faded distant memory.

We’ve been home 2 weeks. It hardly seems possible. We’ve been busy. We’ve been happy. We’re all settled back into life at home.

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