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The bags are mostly packed but for a few last minute items.  Our passports, boarding passes and other important documents are safely in my purse and ready to go.  Nerves about the long flight and anxiousness to just get home are in full swing.  But, I’m not ready to bid farewell to this place just yet.

We have filled the weeks we’ve spent here with so much.  We’ve seen and done pretty much everything we wanted to.  We squeezed everything we could have out this trip.  We’ve created memories and had experiences that will last us a lifetime.  And yet, somehow, I want more.

Spending as much time as we have in Australia really does make you fall in love, makes you feel at home.  There are things I’ve missed, terribly, about home.  Things like my kitties, my dear friends, my bed, my favorite places in St. Louis, the familiarity that only comes from being home.  But, when I get home there is going to be so much I miss about Australia.  Things like the beautiful song of the Australian Magpie waking me up in the morning, having the ocean so close, the gorgeous tropical vegetation, the wildlife, the adventurous Aussie spirit.

As much as I’d love to stay and continue my Australia adventures, the time has come to head home, back to reality.  As I leave I may shed a tear, and I’ll definitely stare out the airplane window as we fly away from this gorgeous place.  But, I’ll be so happy when I walk through my front door Thursday evening back into my little world that I love so much filled with fond memories of an absolutely incredible experience.

Goodbye, cheerio, hoo-roo Australia.  You have provided me with so many wonderful, fond, incredible memories that will fill my heart and my mind for many, many years.  I can guarantee you that I’ll be back one day because there is so much left to do, so much left to explore.  So, until next time Australia, you’ve been wonderful.

5-29-11 Chillin' on the sand while Lorne and Maya play in the waves [640x480]

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