My Aussie Mother’s Day Weekend

I had a fabulous Mum’s Day here in Australia.  As of Friday we hadn’t really decided what we were going to do this weekend.  We had been throwing around a few ideas but not finalized any plans.  Friday night we all of a sudden decided to make it a getting away weekend to the beach.  With the temperatures slowly dropping as winter approaches here in the land Down Under we figured we’d take advantage of this weekend’s gorgeous forecast and hit the beach, just in case we don’t get another gem like this before we leave.

The plan was to head north into the Sunshine Coast and visit Noosa (a beach we had only briefly visited on a previous trip to the Sunshine Coast).  Lorne spent Friday evening scurrying to find a place to stay in Noosa.  He found one but we weren’t able to book the room online so early Saturday morning he was on the phone with them as we were getting ready to head out the door.  It all worked out so well for such last minute plans.

We arrived in Noosa late Saturday morning and spent the first part of our day hanging around a small area of town along the Noosa River that is home to a bunch of restaurants and hotels, including the place we were staying.  We hung out along the river eating a picnic lunch, playing in the water and sand along the edge of the river and walking around the park land that borders the river.  It was a great start to our weekend.

5-7-11 Maya and Lisa checking out the view down the Noosa River [640x480]

5-7-11 Maya trying to touch the trees [640x480]

Once we had killed enough time hanging out by the river we were finally able to check into our hotel, which was actually a complex of condos right along Noosa River.  We weren’t able to get a river view condo as they were already all booked up, we couldn’t really complain since we booked so last minute, but we did get this cute little stand alone unit.  Two bedrooms, a bathroom and a kitchen/living room.  We got settled in and then quickly changed into our bathing suits and hit the beach.  We spent the rest of the day hanging out at the beach.

5-8-11 Our little beach house in Noosa [640x480]

5-7-11 Lisa and Maya in the water at Noosa [640x480]

5-7-11 Our family in shadow [640x480]

After our afternoon at the beach we headed back to our condo to figure out what to do for dinner that evening.  We took a little time to wander around the grounds of the hotel.  Maya spotted the pool and immediately wanted to go swimming.  She loves swimming in pools.  Lorne took her in for a quick dip before dinner.  They played in the pool for a little while and then we headed back down to the river for a very delicious grilled fish, calamari, chips and coleslaw dinner.  It was a wonderful day.

5-7-11 Lorne and Maya swimming in the hotel pool [640x480]

On the way to dinner we encountered hundreds of lorikeets roosting in the trees along the river.  It was so neat to look into the trees and just see hundreds of colorful red chested lorikeets up in the branches.  They were so loud.  Alone their calls aren’t that loud, but boy do they ever get loud when you put a hundred or more in a tree.

5-7-11 Hundreds of Lorikeets roosting in the trees [640x480]

The next morning we woke up to do it all again.  Sunday was, of course, Mother’s Day, so my day started with a card and a gift from my husband and sweet baby girl.  Then it was off to the pool again.  Maya wanted to get in one last swim before we checked out.  It wasn’t particularly warm but Lorne braved the chill and took her swimming.  Luckily the pool was heated so once they got in it was fine.  After a quick dip in the pool we headed back to the beach.  We spent the morning walking along the beach to the mouth of the Noosa River and then walked along the river a little ways.  Maya had fun climbing on all the rocks.  After a quick lunch from a hot dog stand by the river we headed back to the beach and spent the afternoon playing in the water and the sand.  Maya found a huge hole that some previous visitors had dug.  She spent a good hour or so just playing away in this pit in the sand while Lorne and I lounged on the beach.  It was a wonderful end to our weekend and a beautiful way to spend Mother’s Day.

5-8-11 Maya making her way down the beach [640x480]

5-8-11 Lorne and Maya climbing out on the rocks [640x480]

5-8-11 Lorne and Maya playing in the waves [640x480]

5-8-11 Enjoying her sand pit [640x480]

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