24 Weeks

On Monday I hit the 24 week mark of this pregnancy. I’m now 6 months pregnant.  There are only 16ish weeks left until this baby girl makes her appearance.  I can’t believe it, that’s crazy!

I’m feeling great right now.  Really I can’t think of any annoying pregnancy symptoms I’m dealing with right now other than having to pee constantly.  I have my tiny dancer to thank for most of those trips.  Like her sister before her, Baby Girl 2.0 is a very active little baby.  However, unlike her sister, who liked to lay sideways and kick my sides, this little one enjoys being breech and kicking my bladder repeatedly.  It almost feels like a game she is playing, let’s see how many times I can make mommy have to pee today 🙂

Today I had my 24 week pregnancy check up.  I saw a different doctor at the OB practice I’m going to here in Brisbane.  He was really nice too.  He’ll actually likely be the one I see for the remainder of my visits as the first OB I saw has a pretty booked schedule right now.  The appointment was very routine and uneventful.  My blood pressure was great, the baby’s heart beat sounded great (although she did try to hide several times while he was trying to listen), and I’ve finally managed to put on a little bit of weight.  At my last appointment I hadn’t gained anything in the month since my last check up and thanks to my horrible morning sickness I didn’t put on much during my first trimester.  I managed to squeeze out just shy of 4 pounds this month which puts my total weight gain for this pregnancy at 8 pounds.  But, since my belly is measuring well and the baby seems great the slow weight gain isn’t an issue.

I thought I’d include a belly shot for you this time around since I finally have one to speak of.  It isn’t a great picture but all you want to see is the belly anyway, right!

4-6-11 My 24 week belly [640x480]

Next up is the big gestation diabetes screening.  I’ll go for that in a couple of weeks and then I’ll have another OB follow up in a month.  I’m really glad things are going smoothly with this pregnancy (knock on wood), especially since I’m so far from home.

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