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Let's Talk Babies!

Today was our big anatomy ultrasound.  Although the baby did try to hide the goods from us at first we were able to find out what this little monkey is.

026 [640x480]

Drumroll please…

029 [640x480]

When we got into the room the ultrasound tech asked Maya if she wanted a girl baby or a boy baby. She answered the same way she has from the very beginning “Girl Baby”.  She got her wish, she is going to have a little sister.  We are so excited.  I have been thinking girl all along, and I was right!  Lorne is really out numbered now :)

This little girl, just like her big sister, tried really hard to hide the goods.  The ultrasound tech got a shot that I thought looked like little girl parts but didn’t say anything. She went about taking more measurements and then tried for the potty shot again and sure enough it was definitely girl parts.  We had a third look right at the end of the ultrasound just for good measure and reassurance.

The baby is currently breech.  Not a big deal since she will likely flip around several times between now and her big arrival, but it sure does explain why I’ve been feeling so many of her kicks down low.

It was so sweet seeing her little face on the ultrasound screen and watching her little squirms.  I’m glad all three of us got to be there.  We can’t wait to welcome this new Little Miss in July.

Here is our Baby Girl 2.0

032 [640x480]

So, I know my guess was right.  Was yours?

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