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Let's Talk Babies!

Living in a condo you get to know your neighbors in a way you often don’t when you live in a house.  Passing in the hallway every day, sharing a fire escape patio, and having to work with each other to get things done in the building means those people who start out as just neighbors end up becoming very dear friends.  The type of friends you are sad to say goodbye to when you move out of that condo.

When we moved it was hard to say goodbye to a couple of our neighbors because they had become very dear friends.  Maya had known and loved them since she was born.  They were a big part of her life.  We knew we were going to have to make sure we stayed in touch and try to see each other as often as possible.  So, Saturday night we had them over for a barbecue.  Tom and Wendy, our neighbors from across the hall who we just love and who are some of the few people who have ever taken care of Maya for us, and Loren and her dog Molly, our neighbors right below us, came over to check out our new digs and hang out like old times.

What ensued was an amazing evening of good food, good friends and good laughs.  Maya enjoyed having an audience while she was playing in the pool :)

IMGP3268 (1)





We ended the evening having good great fun watching Maya play with whip cream!!



We had an amazing time hanging out with our old neighbors who are now just simply good friends.  We are looking forward to our next fun get together.

Thank you Loren for the great pictures :)

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