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Let's Talk Babies!

Maya is at the age where she just wants to be part of the action and help out all the time.  It doesn’t really matter what we are doing, putting groceries away, cleaning the bathroom, watering the garden, or painting, she wants to help.  Sometimes it’s easy to appease her and let her help out, other times it is quite a challenge finding a small task she can do.  It is usually easier for her to help me out when I’m doing my chores, but it isn’t always as easy for Lorne to find a way for her to help him with his bigger, Mr. Fix-it tasks.  Giving her a cloth to use to help clean the bathroom is a lot easier (and safer) than giving her a screwdriver to help hang a new light fixture :)

She delights in those times when Lorne is tackling a project that she can help with.  Just before we moved out of our condo he was doing a few Mr. Fix-it jobs around the condo to get it ready for the new owners.  One day after work he was painting the door frame of the back door.  Immediately, upon seeing that Daddy was doing some work and clearly needed help, Maya offered up her assistance.  Lorne gave her a paint brush and let her have at it.  She did a pretty good job helping him paint the door frame.  And boy was she proud of herself for being such a good daddy‘s little helper.

038 [640x480]

036 [640x480]

037 [640x480]

Excuse the no shirt but children and non-washable paint do not make a great match :)

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