Top Baby Names 100 Years Ago

The popularity of baby names changes over the years.  What is super popular one year will completely drop off the list a few years later.  That is, when it comes to names for girls anyway.  Turns out that not much has changed over the years when it comes to boys names.  What was popular 100 years ago is still fairly popular today.  Over the last 100 years the same boys names have dominated the list, names like William, James, Michael and Joshua.  Whereas with girls names the names that dominated the list 100 years ago are completely gone from the list now.

The name that has sat in the top spot for girls most frequently over the last 100 years is Mary (although it hasn’t even been on the list since 1967).  For boys the name that has dominated the top spot most often is Michael.  Michael was last the number one name back in 1998, but is still in the top five today.

Last year the top five girls names were:

  1. Isabella
  2. Emma
  3. Olivia
  4. Sophia
  5. Ava

100 years ago, in 1909 the list looked very different with the top 5 girls names being:

  1. Mary
  2. Helen
  3. Margaret
  4. Dorothy
  5. Ruth

Last year the top 5 boys names were:

  1. Jacob
  2. Ethan
  3. Michael
  4. Alexander
  5. William

100 years ago the list looked different, but not entirely:

  1. John
  2. James
  3. William
  4. Robert
  5. George

Why do you think popular girls names are always changing while the top boys names seem to hang around?

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