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Let's Talk Babies!

Our neighbor has a gorgeous golden retriever named Molly.  Molly is an amazing dog.  She is kind and gentle.  Molly is the kind of dog people, especially kids are drawn to.  She loves nothing better than sitting out on the front lawn of our building watching people walking by while getting pets from her favorite little person, Maya.  Molly is Maya’s best doggy pal by far.

For as long as I can remember Maya has adored seeing Molly.  From the days when she was itty bitty her face has always lit up at the site of Molly.  One of her early words was Molly’s name, at the time it came out “Molmol” (and sounded an awful lot like mama), then it changed to “Mol”.  Now she can pronounce her name fairly well.  Always, she has said her name with love.  Next to our kitties, Molly is by far Maya’s favorite animal friend.  Molly is the dog that all other dogs are measured against.


Recently Molly started having trouble with one of her hind legs and after lots of vet visits, lots of tests it was discovered that Molly had cancer in her leg and that it had pretty much destroyed the leg and it would need to be amputated.  So, on Monday Molly successfully underwent the surgery to remove her leg and came home yesterday.

Maya is used to seeing Molly at least once every day, so on Monday when she hadn’t seen Molly she started asking about her.  Since Molly’s leg had been bandaged up for the last week or so Maya knew that something was up and affectionately said, over and over again, “Molly hurt a leg, bandaid make feel all better.”  I told Maya whenever she asked about Molly the last couple of days that she was at the doctor so they could make her feel all better, so they could fix her.  I tried to avoid saying anything about her leg and focused just on Molly as a whole because I knew when she came home the leg would be gone and I wasn’t sure how Maya would react to that.

Last evening, while we were outside playing our neighbor pulled up.  She got out and said that Molly was in the back and she wanted to give us a chance to decide if we wanted Maya to see her yet since her hind quarts looked a little gruesome.   We thought about it a bit and decided that we would let Maya see her.  I knew she had been dying to see her little buddy for days and that she would have to see the spot where the leg was removed eventually.  I admit, though, that I was really nervous about how she would react.

We called her over and said that Molly was home from the doctor now and would love a little pet and a kiss from her.  She looked at her nervously, mostly because Molly had on one of those cone things, or a “silly hat” as Maya called it.  She looked at Molly for a long time and wasn’t sure what to do.  We explained to her that the doctor had to take off Molly’s leg because it was making her sick and that she was fine and would be all better soon.  She was very hesitant at first, but after a couple of minutes went up to Molly and started petting her and gave her a big kiss.  It brought tears to my eyes.  You could see they were both so excited to see each other again.  I was proud of Maya for handling this tough situation so well.

We’ve seen Molly a few times since then and Maya doesn’t say anything about it.  She just treats her like she has always treated her, like the best doggy friend a girl could ask for :)

We’re glad you’re home Molly and we hope you are feeling all better soon :)

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