We’re Going on a Picnic

The weather here in St. Louis has been absolutely gorgeous this spring.  We’ve had this incredible stretch of warm, sunny weather that just makes you want to be outside.   Who are we to argue with Mother Nature, if she wants us to be outside, we will be outside!!  Pretty much every day we have enjoyed at least some time outside.  We’ll either go to the park, the zoo, go for a walk after dinner, or just simply play outside for a little bit before bedtime.  Maya has been just loving it, and so have Lorne and I.

One things I’ve always loved to do is go sit some where pretty and have a picnic.  When the weather gets gorgeous like this I just can’t resist the urge to pack up our lunch or our dinner and head outside to enjoy it.  Last week we went on our first picnic of the year.  I packed up our dinner and as soon as Lorne got home from work we headed to the park just down the street, laid out our picnic blanket and enjoyed a beautiful evening together.


Maya LOVED it and has been asking to go on another picnic ever since.  So, yesterday I decided we’d have a picnic lunch.  We ate Maya’s favorite lunch, bagels and fruit.  She ate, ran around, ate some more.  It was just an all around good time.

Ahhh, gotta love picnic season 🙂

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