Color Coded Fun

One of Maya‘s very favorite things to do is to go to the park.  You can ask her any day of the week what she wants to do, rain or shine, hot or cold, and her answer will always be, in a super excited voice, “Go a park!!”  The park is the one place guaranteed to bring a smile to her face and the place where she would happily waste away hours and hours of her day.

Thanks to Maya’s mild obsession with parks we know where to find the parks pretty much every where in St. Louis and locating a park is always top on the agenda if we are visiting some place new.

This year we had a really cold, yucky winter and had to go a pretty long stretch without being able to go to the park.  As you can imagine Maya was pretty bummed.  So when the first signs of nice weather started making their appearance Maya and I started hitting the park.  We’ve been blessed with a long stretch of beautiful weather so far this Spring so Maya has spent a lot (and I do mean A LOT) of time at the park already this year.

Since we go to so many different parks Maya has started color-coding the parks we frequent.  There is the orange park (her favorite), the white park, the green park, and the yellow park, so far.  On a day that has been designated a “park day” I’ll ask her which park she wants to go to and she’ll always tell me by referring to the color-code 🙂  Our list is getting so long that I may need to make a little cheat sheet for myself so I don’t accidentally take her to the wrong one.

Her favorite park right now is the “orange park” also known as Tilles Park.  The “orange park” was named for it’s cool, giant orange swings.


The park we visit most frequently, since is right down the street from us, is the “white park”, better known as Demun Park.  I’m not entirely sure how this park was named the “white park” since it is mostly beige, but hey it is her code afterall 🙂

White park

Last year we spent a lot of time at the “green park”, also known around these parts as Shaw Park.  We’ve only been once so far this year.  It has sort of taken a back seat to the current favorite.

Green Park 2

I’m sure by the end of the summer we will have parks named for all the colors of the rainbow and then some 🙂

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  1. Ha! That’s awesome that you guys get to go to the park as much as you do. I’m hoping this summer we can make it there on lunch break some days.

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