St. Louis is Marching For Maddie

Last year, in the midst of the sadness of Maddie Spohr’s passing something magical happened.  All over the country people asked what they could do to help.  What they could do to support the Spohrs and to support the families of other preemies and the joined March of Dimes walks in their local community to walk in the name of this little girl who had in some way touched their hearts.

I was one of those people.  Although I had already been planning on trying to walk last year before Maddie passed, I hadn’t really done much to figure out how I was going to go about doing so.  After learning of Maddie’s passing I knew without a doubt that I had to walk.  It was something I could do to show my support to Heather and Mike from here.  It was something I could do to honor Maddie.  So I joined the St. Louis March for Maddie team and walked along side other people who had been touched by Maddie and thousands of others who had in some way been touched prematurity.  The experience was very profound and I knew as I left the walk that day that I would be back every year, to walk for Maddie and to walk for all those people in my life who have been touched by prematurity.

Marching for Maddie

So, about a month ago I set up March for Maddie St. Louis.  I will be walking again this year in love and remembrance of the amazing Miss Maddie.  I will be walking in support of Heather and Mike Spohr.  I will be walking for all those in my life who have been touched by prematurity.  I will be walking in hopes that one day no one has to know the grief of losing a child because they were born to soon.  I will be walking to give every baby the fighting chance they deserve.

If you are in the St. Louis area and would like to join our team please go here and sign up, we would love to have as many people walking for Maddie as we can get.  We would also appreciate your support.  Please consider making a donation, all money raised goes to the March of Dimes and helps in their efforts on behalf of pregnant moms and babies everywhere.   To donate to our team please click on the banner above.

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