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A few weeks ago I was contacted by Hello Baby Direct, a really cool online baby store based in the United Kingdom, to see if I would get interested in reviewing one of their top selling products, Sophie the Giraffe.  I had heard about Sophie before but never come across one in my baby store perusing.  Know how important a good teething toy is I, of course, agreed to review the product.

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Sophie the Giraffe has been around a long time, since 1961 to be exact, and has been a huge seller all over Europe.  My Nana, who is from England, actually purchased a Sophie the Giraffe for my mom when she was a baby!  Slowly, Sophie found her way to North America and has become a hit here as well, selling mostly in small baby boutiques.

Sophie is made of 100% natural rubber that is derived from the Hevea Tree and painted using food paints to make her a very safe toy for babies and young toddlers to chew on.  Her shape, texture and squeak make her an instant hit with babies.  I love her bright smiling face and her natural colors.

When Sophie arrived in the mail I gave her to Maya to see what she thought of her.  Almost immediately Sophie found her way into Maya’s mouth 🙂  Clearly my daughter knows a teething toy when she sees one!

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After a little further examination Maya discovered that Sophie squeaked and she spent much of the rest of the morning dancing Sophie around the house making her squeak.  She was a huge hit right off the bat with Maya.

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This really is a great toy, especially as a teether.  The rubber is sturdy and strong and held up to my daughter’s teeth tugging on it very well.  The shape and texture of the giraffe make it very appealing to babies.  Good, strong, natural teething toys are hard to come by.  When your little one is working on those first teeth it can be challenging to find something that not only helps with the pain they are experiencing but that you also feel comfortable with them shoving in their mouth.  Sophie definitely fits that bill.

One of the things I liked most about Sophie the Giraffe was her shape and how it allows babies and toddlers to use this as a teething toy even when the are working on those molars way in the back.  Many teething toys don’t seem to reach way in the back and so become useless for when those molars are coming.  Sophie’s long legs and long neck mean toddlers can still use her to chew on when their molars are coming in.

My only beef with Sophie the Giraffe is the price tag.  At about $20 a pop here in the United States she certainly isn’t a toy that is attainable to all parents.  I’d love it if these safe, natural, cool baby products were priced so everyone could afford them.  If you are okay with dropping that kind of money on a toy for your child, than I would definitely recommend Sophie the Giraffe.  She was a huge hit with Maya and I’m looking forward to seeing what my next child thinks of Sophie, especially since he or she will get to play with her from the beginning, assuming Maya is willing to share her (if not we may end up with 2)!!

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