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So, as I mentioned a while back, we had never left Maya with a babysitter.  All that has changed.  Last night we had a dinner and awards banquet to attend so my husband could receive an innovation award he was being honored with.  My neighbor across the hall had offered so many times I can’t count to watch Maya for us if we ever wanted to go out.  Somehow 22 months flew by and we never ended up taking her up on her offer.  Until last night.  She and her husband agreed to watch Maya for us while we headed out to our dinner/banquet.

I had spent the whole day preparing Maya for the upcoming evening without Mom and Dad by telling her that Tom and Wendy (our neighbors) were going to come over after she had dinner and play with her while Mommy and Daddy went out for a little while.  I could tell by the look on her face that she had no clue what I was talking about.  I mean why would she since she had never been left with anyone before.  However, when our neighbor knocked on the door at 5:30pm Maya yelled “wenwen” and ran for the door, so apparently she understand at least part of what I had been telling her all day!

We had our neighbor come over about a half hour before we were planning on leaving so I would have time to go over Maya’s bedtime routine with her and for Maya to get comfortable playing with her before we headed out the door.  At 6pm we told Maya we were going to be leaving and she was going to stay and play with Wendy.  I gave her a big hug and a kiss and told her that I would see her later and that I hoped she had fun.  She started crying immediately.  It broke my heart and I had a lump in the pit of my stomach, a huge reminder why I had never left her with anyone before.  I knew she would be fine so I just picked her up and gave her another big hug and told her everything would be fine and we would be home later.  I could hear her crying as I walked down the stairs of our building and out to our car.  I wanted to rush back in, I wanted to call a million times but I didn’t.  I got in the car and made myself enjoy the evening.

Our evening was great.  We enjoyed some wine, good food and my husband got his award.  We wondered aloud how Maya’s night had gone and about whether Maya had gone to bed for Wendy or not as we were driving home.  I was sure that she had, but my husband wasn’t so sure, he figured she would still be up.  I am happy to say that I was right :)

When we got home Wendy said that everything had gone great.  Maya had only cried for a few minutes when we left and then settled down and was fine after that.  They spent the evening playing.  They took a walk over to the park and hung out there for a while.  Maya had a great time.  She said that bedtime was fine.  The only meltdown came when she tried to walk into the bedroom to read stories and put Maya to bed without her blankie.  Maya freaked out and Wendy couldn’t figure out what the problem was until she walked back out to the living room and Maya was able to get her point across that she wanted her blankie (note to self, remember in the future to tell babysitters that “mmmba” means blankie and she will not go anywhere or do anything without it!!).  They read a few stories and Maya went to sleep just fine.

All in all it was a great evening for them and us.

This morning when I went in to get Maya out of her crib she immediately started telling me about playing at the park with Tom and Wendy.  I could tell that she really enjoyed herself.

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