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The St. Louis Zoo

At the St. Louis Zoo

Going to the St. Louis Zoo is absolutely one of our favorite things to do.  We go at least once a month, and sometimes have even been know to go once a week if the weather is right.  The zoo is located in Forest Park and is very easy (and quick) to get to from pretty much anywhere in the St. Louis area.  The most amazing thing about the St. Louis Zoo is that it is free to the public, no admission fee.  There is, of course, a fee to park (although street parking is fairly easy to come by) and there are attractions within the zoo that have a fee including the; train, carosuel, children’s zoo, sea lion show and new sting ray exhibit.  However, it is very easy to have a wonderful trip to the zoo for very little money.

The zoo does offer Zoo Memberships, we have one.  The membership gives you a limited number of free parking passes, vouchers for the pay exhibits and rides within the zoo, discounts on merchandise and food, as well as a monthly zoo magazine subscription, access to member only programs and early openings.  If you live in the area and use the zoo frequently I highly recommend the membership (think of it as a way of giving back to the zoo and getting a few perks out of it!).

Maya just adores going to the zoo.  I’m sure she would go every day if she could.  A trip to see the “malmals” is by far her favorite thing to do.  We are lucky and live only about 5 minutes from the zoo  so we can go quite often.  Sometimes we’ll even just go over to walk around for an hour.

Pure joy!!

Maya loves all animals, and the zoo provides her with a great chance to visit with old and new favorites.  The zoo isn’t huge, but does have a great selection of animals.  Here are a few of her favorites that can be seen at the St. Louis Zoo.


Sun Bear


Tiger cubs

Mom and baby elephants

Baby giraffe


If you live in the St. Louis area I recommend adding the zoo to your regular routine.  You just can’t beat it, especially since you can go for free (yes, I said free!!).  If you are visiting St. Louis I highly recommend adding the zoo to your list of things not to miss.  Young or old, it doesn’t matter, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

We go for the memories (hers and ours!)

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