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Every parent knows that back to school shopping can get expensive.  Between the new clothes, the new shoes and all the school supplies it can really add up.  Many State governments offer parents a bit of a break by offering a tax holiday in the weeks leading up to the beginning of the new school year.  Some states offer a weekend of tax free shopping for certain items while others offer a whole week.

Listed below is are the States that offer tax holidays including when the holiday is for 2009 and on what items it applies.  You can always contact your local state government if you have questions about the tax holiday in your state.

Alabama: August 7-9 on clothing-$100, computers-$750, books-$30, school supplies-$50

Connecticut: August 16-22 on clothing and footwear-$300

District of Columbia: August 1-9 on clothing-$100, school supplies-$100

Georgia: July 30-Aug 2 on school supplies-$20, clothing-$100, computers-$1500

Iowa: August 7-8 on clothing-$100

Mississippi: July 31-Aug 1 on clothing and footwear-$100

Missouri: August 7-9 on clothing-$100, computers-$3500, school supplies-$50

New Mexico: August 7-9 on clothing-$100, computers-$1000, school supplies-$15

North Carolina: Aug 7-9 on clothing-$100, school supplies-$100, computers-$3500

Oklahoma: August 7-9 on clothing-$100

South Carolina: August 7-9 on clothing, school supplies and computers (no price limit specified)

Tennessee: August 7-9 on clothing-$100, school supplies-$100, computers-$1500

Texas: August 21-23 on clothing, backpacks and school supplies-$100

Virginia: August 7-9 on clothing-$100, school supplies-$20

The idea of tax holidays is to ease the burden faced by many parents of trying to afford all of the gear and supplies necessary for back to school.  It isn’t necessarily much but every little bit helps.  Of course, this also means you’ll be shopping the same weekend as everyone else in your state for back to school supplies to be prepared for crowds!!

Do you usually take advantage of the tax holiday offered in your state?  Do you find it makes much difference in how much you have to spend?

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