Infant and Toddler Swim Classes

Parent-Child swim classes are a great way to get your infant or toddler to get used to the water not to mention being a great way for you to get comfortable dealing with them in the water. Maya took her first swim class at 7 months and absolutely loved it; she has taken 3 classes since then. She loves the water and just loves the games she gets to play and the songs she gets to sing in swim class.

Maya in her kiddie pool last summer.
Maya in her kiddie pool last summer.

The idea behind parent-child swim classes is to introduce little ones to the water, and get them familiar with what to do in the water in a relaxed environment.  For babies it is really about just splashing in the water, but as your baby gets a little bit older they will learn things like kicking, grabbing onto the wall, climbing out of the pool, blowing bubbles and holding their breath under water.  They learn these new skills through games, singing and instructor led activities.

If you haven’t thought about parent-child swim classes for your child you might want to look into.  They are often inexpensive and offer not only a chance for you to get out with your child but a chance to interact with other parents and your child to interact with other kids.  Most YMCAs, recreation centers, and public pools offer parent-child swim classes.  Contact your local parks and recreation department or YMCA to find out what is available in your area.

Maya just loves going to swim class.  She learned to blow bubbles, kick and climb along the wall with her hands during her most recent class.  Now that the weather is nice we will be starting swim classes at our local outdoor public pool in a couple of weeks.  We spend a lot of time in the water as a family so swim classes were a natural fit for us.  It is so fun to watch her face light up as she splashes and plays in the water!

Maya playing in the lake last summer.
Maya playing in the lake last summer.
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  1. One added benefit we found putting our daughter in swim lessons early on is anything to do with water is associated with fun. That means bath time is also fun and exciting rather than a big fight.

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