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Let's Talk Babies!

My daughter is 16 months old now.  She has entered the “cleaning and doing helpful things for Mommy is fun” stage.  It is so cute to watch!  One of her favorite things to do right now is to put laundry in the hamper and little bits of garbage in the garbage can.  Oh, the things one year olds find entertaining :)  Of course, making a mess is probably still her MOST favorite thing to do.  She loves to pull all the pots out of the cupboard while I’m cooking dinner.

The great thing about this stage is that I can get a few things done around the house while entertaining my daughter all at the same time.  When I vacuum she loves to “help”.  She runs immediately to her little ball popper thing and follows me around the house “vacuuming”.  Of course, if I put the vacuum down for a second the ball popper is no longer good enough and she starts trying to use the real thing!

Another of her favorites is to help me clean the bathroom.  Now, if I can only keep her convinced that cleaning bathrooms is the most fun thing in the world then just maybe I can pass off my least favorite chore on to her one day!!  When I am cleaning the bathroom I just give her a few pieces of paper towel and off she goes.  She’ll clean the top of the toilet seat, the floor, and the edge of the bathtub.  The best part is that when she is done with her paper towel she’ll throw it in the garbage.

Last night after her bath I was cleaning up her bath toys and getting things sorted out in the bathroom.  I asked her to put her clothes in the laundry for me.  Off she ran only too happy to oblige.  Next thing I knew every article of clothing that was lying on the bathroom floor (my PJs, Daddy’s PJs and a towel) had joined her clothes in the laundry hamper!  It was too cute.

Besides being an adorable Mommy’s Little Helper she is also an ever changing, into everything, learning so fast toddler.  Her vocabulary is growing pretty rapidly right now.  She seems to be learning a new word every couple of days.  A few of her newest words are backpack, bye-bye, car, plane and truck.  All in all she has about 25-30 words that she can say along with about 10 signs.

Now that the weather is getting nice here we are spending more time outside, which she just loves.  I think she would spend all day outside if I let her.  We are looking forward to lots of walks around the neighborhood, spending time at the playground and all the other fun activities that spring and summer bring our way.  I can only imagine what new and exciting things she’ll be up to over the next couple of months.

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