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Let's Talk Babies!

As your little one gains the much anticipated skills of crawling, pulling himself up on things and cruising you will quickly find out that it is time to do a little reorganizing and redecorating.  Having a mobile baby on your hands can be a ton of fun, but it can also be a little nerve-wracking when you consider all the things she can now get into.  Your baby will enjoy exploring his surroundings, figuring out what all this stuff that used to be out of reach is like, and getting to know what he can and cannot touch.

Watch as your baby crawls and cruises around your living area.  Pay attention to the things that are at her level and those things that may pose a hazard to her.  Reorganize, redecorate, and baby-proof the rooms which your baby can get into to help ensure he is safe and you have a little piece of mind.  Here are a few things to consider as your go about your baby-proofing.

  • Keep cords out of reach.  Babies will be fascinated by them but they can be very dangerous as they can easily get tangled up in the cords.  This includes electrical cords and cords for blinds and drapes.
  • Remove all little items like picture frames, knick-knacks, books, and other small items you don’t want your baby to touch.  Consider moving these to higher ground or removing them from the area all together.
  • Install safety latches on your cabinet doors, especially on those cupboards that contain dangerous items like cleaning products.
  • Try to place your pet food and litter out of reach.  If this isn’t possible try to gate off the area.
  • Move house plants out of reach.
  • Install baby gates at the top and bottom of stairs and at the entrance to any room you don’t want your baby to go into.
  • Cover all electrical outlets with plug covers.
  • Invest in some covers for the corners of sharp furniture to help avoid any unnecessary injuries.

The best approach is to get down on your baby’s level and remove or move any object that could be hazardous or you just don’t want your little one to touch.  Observe him as he explores his surroundings and determine what needs to go and what can stay.

If your home doesn’t already look like a giant child’s play room it will soon!

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