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Falls are the most common cause of minor injury during pregnancy.  Most falls during pregnancy fortunately do not result in serious injuries to mom or baby.  As your body changes and your center of gravity changes during pregnancy falls become more likely.  It is important to take extra care and caution while navigating through your daily activities and to avoid activities or sports that require a lot balance.  Most often it is mom that injured in a fall and not baby.  The baby is very well protected in her little nest.  The amniotic fluid, your pelvis, and abdominal wall provide protection and cushioning too the baby in the event of a fall.

If you do take a fall during pregnancy call your doctor.  Often your doctor will want to examine you to ensure there has been no harm to the baby and to make sure you are alright as well.  Your doctor will definitely want to hear from you if you experience any spotting, unusual swelling, contractions, you don’t feel the baby moving after your fall, or any other unusual symptoms.  Even if you think the fall was nothing and you weren’t injured it is still best to call your doctor.  If your fall was serious and you think you suffered a more serious injury like a broken bone, or your fall resulted in your water breaking and the onset of contractions head to the hospital right away.

The best approach is to do your best to prevent a fall by slowing down, watching your balance, watching where you are going, and not participating in activities that increase your risk of a fall.  However, no matter what you do there is still a chance of a fall.  Always consult your doctor after a fall, treat your injuries as necessary under the advice of your doctor, avoid x-rays if possible, and take it easy.

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