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Let's Talk Babies!

The Social Security Administration has released the list of the most popular names of 2007.  No surprises, Emily topped the girls list again and Jacob topped the boys list.  Emily has been the reigning champion on the girl’s list since 1996 so you shouldn’t be surprised when you child ends up with several Emily’s in their class in school!!  Jacob has been long reigning as well, not as long as Emily, but it has been on top since 1999.

And the top ten are……


1.  Emily

2.  Isabella

3.  Emma

4.  Ava

5.  Madison

6.  Sophia

7.  Olivia

8.  Abigail

9.  Hannah

10. Elizabeth


1.  Jacob

2.  Michael

3.  Ethan

4.  Joshua

5.  Daniel

6.  Christopher

7.  Anthony

8.  William

9.  Matthew

10. Andrew

I wonder when the lists will get their next big change and new recurring champions.  When I was little it was Jennifer and Michael.  Michael is of course a main stay on the boys list, but Jennifer has disappeared from the girls list.  Some of the names you see on the list will always be there, but others will come and go.  I think it is fun to see what makes the cut every year.

Did your child’s name end up in the top ten?  What were the major influences on what names you came up with?

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