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Let's Talk Babies!

As soon as you find out you are pregnant one of the things you begin to think about (a lot) is your labor and delivery.  There are many things to consider such will you require a schedule c-section, do you want to have pain medication or an epidural during your labor, or do you want to try going natural.

So, what if you are planning on going natural, what questions should you ask your doctor to help ensure you are in the right hands for the choice you are making?  Not every doctor is going to be the best one to support you in this decision.  By asking a few important questions early on you can determine if you are in the right hands or need to seek out a new, more compatible doctor.

  • What percentage of the births you attend are cesarean deliveries?
  • What percentage of the births you attend require delivery assistance such as forceps or vacuum extraction?
  • How often do you attend vaginal births after cesareans (VBAC) and what is your stance on VBACs?
  • What do you consider to be reasons to require or recommend a c-section?
  • What is the hospital’s rate of cesarean deliveries?
  • Does the hospital allow VBACs?
  • What percentage of the births you attend are induced and under what circumstances do you recommend induction?

By asking a few questions and doing your research you will be more likely to get that natural childbirth you are looking for.  Don’t be afraid to ask your doctor these questions.

No matter what decision you ultimately make be sure it is the right one for you.  Educate yourself about your options, talk at length with your doctor or midwife about what to expect, and remember that when it comes down to it everything might end up going a very different way. Keeping an open and flexible mind will help prevent you from being disappointed with how your labor and delivery ultimately play out.

Here are some great online resources for information on childbirth that can help you as you research your options.

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