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When you are pregnant with multiples your prenatal care will differ from that of a woman carrying only one child.  A pregnancy of multiples is considered high risk, regardless of your age and current health condition.  Your caregiver will need to monitor your pregnancy more closely to ensure that it progresses normally and to identify any potential problems early.

If you are pregnant with multiples you will see your caregiver more frequently than a woman carrying a single child will.  On average you can expect to have prenatal appointments once a month through your 24th week of pregnancy, every other week from week 24 through week 32, and then every week there after until delivery.  You may need to see your doctor more frequently if you are carrying a high number of multiples or if you suffer from any complications like gestational diabetes or high blood pressure.

A woman carrying multiples will have more ultrasounds than a woman carrying a single child.  The rate at which each of the fetuses is growing, the level of fluids, and the condition of your uterus will need to be checked on a fairly regular basis to ensure there aren’t any potential problems.  Just think how much fun it will be to see your little babies on that ultrasound screen so frequently!

If you are carrying multiples talk to your doctor about what you can expect throughout your pregnancy.  Your caregiver will advise you on what tests and screenings you will need to have, how often you will need to be seen at the office, and any special things you can expect based on your specific circumstances.  Remember, each pregnancy is different no matter how many babies you are carrying and your prenatal care will differ as well.

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