How to Keep your Baby from Getting Overstimulated

The holidays are upon us, which means family gatherings and parties where your baby will quickly become the center of attention and your family and friends will no doubt want to see, hold, and play with your little bundle of joy.  Who doesn’t want to hold a tiny little baby but babies can easily get overstimulated so we have to be careful to keep the chaos to a minimum (I know, easier said than done!).  An overstimulated baby will quickly become a fussy baby and that fussiness can continue for days or weeks after the chaotic experience has long since ended.  So for your own sanity you’ll want to do what you can to keep things as peaceful as possible this holiday season.

So what can you do to help keep things quiet and help prevent your baby from getting overstimulated.

  • First and foremost is to not be afraid to say no when someone wants to hold the baby.  Your baby will feel most comfortable in your arms and will likely remain calm as long as she is there.  If you think the baby has been passed around enough or she is just not in the mood to be held it is ok to say no.
  • Remind family and friends to remain quiet and calm when playing with the baby.  Be sure to end play time as soon as it appears your baby has had enough.  You will learn to identify the signs that he is overstimulated before he begins to cry.
  • Take some quiet time for just the two of you.  If you are nursing you can take feeding time as an opportunity to get away for a little while and relax.  You can also take a nap together in a quiet room. (This is a great way to keep yourself sane during the holidays as well!!)
  • If the baby gets fussy step away and go to a quiet room where you can calm the baby.  Family and friends will likely offer to take the fussy baby off your hands but the baby will likely calm much more easily with you so turn down these offers unless you really need to pass her off.  If she is fussy from being overstimulated the last thing she needs is more stimulation.
  • Try to stay on your regular schedule even if you are traveling for the holidays.  This can be difficult but it will help if the baby can rely on his regular feedings, bath time, bedtime, etc.

The holidays can cause adults to become overstimulated so you can see why it is so easy for your little bundle of joy to become overstimulated.  Pay attention to the signs that your baby has had enough, learn some techniques that really work to calm her, and don’t be afraid to say no to family and friends when the baby has had enough.  Family and friends may not understand why they can’t hold the baby and play with the baby whenever they want, but remember you are his parent and you are the boss.  The holidays will be more enjoyable when everyone is relaxed and enjoying themselves.

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5 comments on “How to Keep your Baby from Getting Overstimulated

  1. I have been nursing for a 1yr and a month and recently a few hours after she nurses she ask like if she’s going to throwup is my milk going sour in my breast?or can it be something else cause she’s not sick.please help and one more think she doesn’t want to drink whole milk either.

  2. Elena,

    Breast milk does not go sour. Perhaps there is something else in her diet that is causing her to have an upset tummy. Or perhaps she is overeating. Have you mentioned this to her doctor? If not I definitely would. Also, on the whole milk issue. Often breastfed babies take a while to adjust to the whole milk. Just keep offering it and eventually she’ll take to it.

  3. Thats a relief that breastmilk does not go sour Thank you so much Lisa u have really helped me alot.And yeah will definitely let her pediatrician know it only happens at night and it just started. And on the whole milk issue my son took it well but not my daughter but i’M NOT GOING 2 GIVE UP thanxs a bunch 🙂

  4. Elena,

    Glad I could help. My daughter took a while with taking to whole milk. She only just started really drinking milk well and she is 2.5. Just keep offering it to her.

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