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A massage can be relaxing anytime, but imagine how wonderful it would feel for the aches and pains of pregnancy.  As many women take a more integrative approach to their pregnancies, mixing regular medical care with alternative care, prenatal massage has become more common.  Pregnancy is hard on our bodies causing aches and pains all over.  Prenatal massage is designed to target those areas where pregnancy has the most impact on our bodies.

If you are interested in prenatal massage be sure to look for a massage therapist who is certified in prenatal massage as it requires special techniques that some massage therapists may not know about.  You can’t of course lay on your stomach as you normally would for a massage.  With prenatal massage you will either lay on a special table with the belly cut out or on your side.  There are times in your pregnancy when massage should be avoided, including during your first trimester or if your pregnancy is high risk and your doctor advises against it.

Massage has also become more common in the labor room as well.  For those women attempting to have a natural childbirth massage can be a great pain management technique.  Some doulas are trained in massage, while other women will hire an actual massage therapist to come in during their labor.  You can also have your spouse learn some special massage techniques to utilize during labor.

Massage can be a great tool during your pregnancy to help manage the stress of pregnancy as well as the aches and pains.  Be sure to talk to your doctor before getting a prenatal massage to make sure it is OK for you during your pregnancy.

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