My Pregnancy: Week 34

I’m in the home stretch, just 6 more weeks till my due date.  It’s hard to believe that it is almost here.  It still feels like just yesterday I was jumping for joy at the sight of the little pink line on the home pregnancy test and now I’m approaching the end of my pregnancy.  Time flies!

My husband and I are both very excited, a little nervous too I must admit.  Becoming parents for the first time is a be step and we really have no clue what to expect.  We met our pediatrician this week.  She came very highly recommended by a friend of mine and she turned out to be everything I expected.  She is great with kids and babies, has a little one at home so she knows what is like to be us right now, and she is very well connected in the pediatric community.  It was weird going in to meet her, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.  But I do highly recommend meeting the pediatrician before the baby arrives, that way when they show up in your hospital room to talk to you about the baby’s first examine you won’t feel like they are a total stranger.

We also had (well attempted to have) our nursery furniture delivered.  We did get nursery furniture delivered last week but it wasn’t the stuff we had ordered, not quite sure how they managed that.  They came to pick up the wrong stuff a couple of days ago and we called to make sure the correct stuff was on the way only to be told they were out of stock (gee I wonder if that is how we ended up with the wrong stuff to begin with, like we wouldn’t notice it was a different model and color and style from what we ordered Undecided).  Luckily we found it at another store and were able to order it from there so we should have it sometime next week.  It will be nice to finally have the nursery all set up so I can feel like we are ready for our little girl’s arrival.

As for how I’m feeling, well pretty good still.  I’m not sick of being pregnant yet and I don’t have too many of the late pregnancy symptoms yet.  I do find it harder to get comfortable, especially at night or when I have to sit for long periods of time.  If I try to sleep in on the weekends I end up with a back ache and have to get up anyway.  I guess it is my body’s way of preparing me for the fact I won’t get to sleep in again for a long time.  This past week I came down with a cold, which turned into an ear infection resulting in a round of antibiotics.  There should be a rule in the universe that pregnant women don’t get sick.  Having a cold is bad enough when you can take stuff to help you get over it, but when you can’t take anything a cold really blows!!.

I’m looking forward to enjoying the last weeks of my pregnancy.  I have really enjoyed being pregnant so far.  We can’t wait to meet our little girl and see what she looks like.

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