My Pregnancy: Week 28

Well this week marks the beginning of the third trimester for me.  It seemed like it would take forever to get to this point back in March when I first found out I was pregnant, but really time seems to have flown by.  I’m told time goes by a lot slower in the third trimester, I guess I’ll have to wait and see.

Things have continued to go very well with my pregnancy.  I haven’t gain much weight as of my last appointment, but my doctor says that everything looks good and as long as the baby is growing it doesn’t matter.  She is definitely growing so that’s good.  Sometimes I feel like my belly is getting bigger every day.  It is hard to remember the days when I wasn’t showing at all!

I went for a one hour glucose screening a couple of weeks ago.  My blood sugar came back a little high, only a few points over the cut off, but still over.  I talked to my doctor about the results today (I had been out of town when the results came in) and he said likely it was just a false positive, apparently it happens a lot with these screening tests.  He is sending me in for a three hour glucose tolerance test which is supposed to be a lot more accurate.  With this test I will have to fast for 8-12 hours before the test, they will take my blood when I first get there to get a base reading, then I will drink a larger quantity of the very sugary drink they give you and have my blood drawn at one hour intervals over a 3 hour period.  It doesn’t sound like much fun to me, but apparently it isn’t that bad, just really boring.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

I have really enjoyed being pregnant so far, minus the morning sickness early on.  It is reassuring to know that things are going well with me and the baby.  The baby is doing great.  Her heartbeat continues to be very strong, I can’t wait to hear it again at my appointment later this week.  She is kicking up a storm.  It is the most incredible thing to feel her moving around in there, my husband gets a big kick out of it too.  We can’t wait to meet her.

I’m sure time will continue to fly by so I will just continue to enjoy being pregnant.  We are starting to buy a lot of the baby gear, how fun!

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