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Let's Talk Babies!

Today on there were two very interesting and informative articles regarding infertility, fertility treatments, the pressure to get pregnant, and how different people deal with it.  The articles were written by two women currently going through fertility treatments.  Their perspectives are very different, although at this point the outcomes of their treatments are the same, no baby.

The first article, Not Giving up Hope for a Biological Baby tells the story of a 42 year old single woman who has been trying for four years now to conceive with no success.  she hasn’t given up hope yet and plans on trying at least one more treatment in hopes that it will finally work out for her.

“Once you’re on the fertility hamster wheel, in pursuit of the dream shared by most of the human race — to be a parent to your biological child — there’s no one who can tell you it’s time to get off of it.”

The other article, Getting Off the Infertility-treatment Treadmill, was also written by a woman who has been trying for quite sometime to conceive a child, again with no success.  She and her husband agreed before they got started that they would only go so far.  They have decided to stop trying to conceive a child of their own and are now working on adoption.

“I realized that in all my feelings of loss and loneliness, I’d forgotten the most important thing: I wanted to be a mother more than I wanted to give birth”

Infertility is a very difficult ordeal that unfortunately all to many couples have to suffer through.  How you approach it, what you are willing to give, financially and emotionally, and what perspective you have when you are well down the fertility-treatment road will very much depend on you.  Each person is different and each story is different.  As you can tell from these two articles the outcome can be the same but how it feels to you will be very different.  I encourage you to read these articles, particularly if you too are struggling through fertility treatments.

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