Dressing for Work During Pregnancy

Buying a bunch of new maternity clothing during your pregnancy can get expensive, especially when you consider there is a very finite time that the clothing will be useful. Added to the expense is the fact that not only do you need regular, casual clothing but you also need some work appropriate clothing. If you are lucky enough to work in an environment where casual works than you are fine with just the casual stuff (usually the more affordable part of the maternity wardrobe). However, if you find yourself in a job where you must dress in business attire there is certainly an added cost to your maternity wardrobe.

So how can you dress for work without having to spend a fortune? The best idea is to buy a couple of pairs of pants, a skirt, and maybe a dress. Then buy shirts and sweaters that will go with all of the bottoms. You can mix and match to create different styles. You may even find that you can get away with wearing some of your more casual pants if paired with a dressy shirt, or visa versa, pair a more casual shirt with dress pants or a skirt.

Another great way to dress up an outfit to make it more work appropriate, or to change it up a bit if a getting sick of wearing the same thing, are nice accessories like a necklace or pair of earrings. You can often pick up really nice costume jewelry from places like Target or Walmart for a really great price. It is very common to get sick of the few maternity outfits you have, especially as you approach the end of your pregnancy, so dressing it up with some new pieces of inexpensive jewelry may just be the change you need.

Be sure to look for bargains so your money will stretch further. And look for pieces that will change seasons with you. You don’t want to have to buy maternity gear for the summer and then have to buy another set for fall. Look for pieces that are more versatile and can be worn in multiple seasons.

What tricks did you come up with to make your maternity wardrobe more suitable for work? How did you make changes so you didn’t get bored of wearing the same old things over and over again?

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