A Couple of Carnivals to Check Out

I am involved in two great carnivals this week. Both had a ton of submissions. When you have some time I invite you to stop by and read through some of the wonderful articles.

First up is the Carnival of Family Life hosted by An Island Life. This week’s edition of the carnival included 44 submissions, including my article on the UNICEF study on child well-being. I did read through all the submissions and they are all really good. I did have a few favorites though, including:

  • The Frugal Duchess’ post on whether her pre-teens should be allowed to have cell phones. She is asking for advice so if you have any be sure to leave a comment.
  • Be A Good Dad has a great post on dealing with his stubborn daughter.
  • Little Mummy has some tips on who new moms can save some money when it comes to buying things for their new little bundle of joy.
  • Green SAHM has some wonderful suggestions on things stay at home moms, and really any one, can do to help the environment.

Anyway, I could probably go on and on, but those were just a few of the ones I really enjoyed.

Plus, I am also participating this week’s edition of the Carnival of Education hosted by History is Elementary. There were over 50 submissions, including my article on finding the right preschool. You’ll find article on every topic imaginable related to education, the one’s about the teacher’s perspective on things are always my favorites.

And, if a you have a few minutes left over and you are looking for a way to brighten you day, my good friend Dan, over at A1 Great has some adorable videos of laughing babies (who doesn’t love a laughing baby!!).


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