Is Dad Feeling a Little Left Out?

During those first few weeks home from the hospital with the new baby dads often feel a little left out, especially when mom is breastfeeding. Dads seem to wonder what their role in this whole baby raising thing really is. For new fathers who don’t have any experience with infants it can be hard to know where they can be of assistance.

Even if mom is breastfeeding there are many things that dad can do to help out. Here are a few of the things fathers can do to assist their wives as you both attempt to raise this new little one.

  • You can bring the baby to your wife for feedings, allowing her to rest in bed. This can be especially helpful for those late night feedings.
  • Help change diapers. Your assistance in this department will be greatly appreciated.
  • Hold the baby and comfort him/her when they are fussy. Allowing mom a little extra rest.
  • Take a turn batheing the baby. You will likely become more comfortable handling the baby during this process and it can be a great bonding time.
  • Encourage and support your wife as she learns how to breastfeed. This will likely be one of your most important roles you play as she struggles to figure it all out.
  • Have your wife pump so that you can take over a few of the feedings using bottles of breast milk.
  • If mom needs quiet time for a nap, take the baby out for a little walk.

As you can see there are many things fathers can do to help out, even if mom is breastfeeding. Most importantly is sharing in the tasks, encouraging your wife as she struggles to learn how to breastfeed, and spending time bonding with your new little baby.

If you have words of advice or encouragement for those dads out there that might be feeling a little left out, please share them.

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