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One of the most challenging parts of parenthood is the development of a discipline system that works. We all have different personalities, and thus different approaches to how we view parenting and discipline. It is very important for couples to discuss their approach to both parenthood and more importantly discipline before they are faced with the first discipline challenge. By discussing your views ahead of time you can more easily work out an approach that is right for your family, and will incorporate aspects of each of you.

With the popularity of such shows as Super Nanny or Nanny 911 it is easy to see that discipline is a challenge for many families. Approaching discipline is a very personal matter and your approach will be different from the next person’s approach. However, there is one commonality between effective discipline approaches, and that is consistency. Consistency between parents and consistency in the approach itself.

When it comes to discipline consistency is key, but so is adaptability. What works for one child is not necessarily going to work for another. A stern talking to may be all it takes to get your little boy to correct his actions, however, a lengthy time out in a quiet area may be necessary to correct your daughter’s actions. We as parents have to determine what works for our child and use that approach consistently.

Good discipline is about teaching your child more than punishing your child. By teaching your child about what behavior is acceptable and what behavior is not you are helping them grow. Teaching them that there are consequences to all of their actions you will not only be helping to correct bad behavior now, but you will be preparing them to be a good member of the grown up world later.

Discussing and deciding on the discipline approach you will take with your children with your partner will not be an easy task. The important thing is to discuss it, you may not agree on everything, but you should agree on the basic philosophy. Remember consistency is key.

Here are a few books regarding discipline that may help you and your partner in your discussion and your development of a plan that works for your family.

Discipline is that part of parenting that we all wish we could avoid. No one wants to discipline their child, but it is a fact of parenting. By planning ahead and discussing what approach you will take with your partner you will be better prepared when faced with that first discipline challenge.

What approach do you take to discipline and what things have you found work best with your children?

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7 Responses to Discipline: An Important Part of Parenting

  • Heather says:

    Thanks for the submission to the Carnival of Family Life. Discipline is a part of teaching. IMHO, it is a dying art in the USA. For me, you are preaching to the choir. But, I’m sure your post will make parents think… Look for the Carnival on my site next monday oct 23.

  • I agree. I think it such a hard subject for most couples to address, and it is just easier to ignore discipline.

  • We’re still trying to figure that out. No matter what, the kids seem to eventually repeat their bad behavior.

  • It seems that discipline is destined to be a work in progress for every family. Kids are naturally born to test the limits. Hopefully one day you will find your efforts have worked.

  • Kailani says:

    Discipline is a tough thing but I think it works if you’re consistent. Kids need structure and rules in their lives.

    Here via Carnival of Family Life.

  • April says:

    Great reminder. We are trying to figure out what works best for our son right now. It’s not an easy thing.

  • You’re right April, it isn’t easy. Hopefully you will figure out what works for your son and it will get easier from there. Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the comments.

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