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Before most women even know they are pregnant so many things are already happening with the growing baby inside. The fetus is growing and developing at a very rapid pace during the first couple of months of pregnancy.

During the first month of pregnancy what starts out as merely a fertilized egg will quickly become an embryo. Early on the egg will implant itself in the wall of your uterus and the embryo will begin to grow. The amniotic sac will form around the embryo and the placenta will begin to form. The amniotic sac is your baby’s protection and acts as a cushion. The placenta works to transfer nutrients to the baby and waste away from the baby.

The embryo will go through many changes during the first month of pregnancy. The face will begin to form, including the mouth, jaw and eyes. During this time blood cells are also forming, and circulation starts. By the end of the first month of pregnancy, even with all these changes the embryo will only be a quarter of an inch long. It’s no wonder we don’t know it’s there yet!!

Even more changes and development will take place during the second month. The face that began to form during the first month will continue its development. Other extremities are also beginning to form. What will eventually become the arms and the legs begin to take shape during the second month of pregnancy, complete with fingers and toes that are beginning to form.

Probably the most significant development that takes place during the second month of pregnancy is the formation of the neural tube, which includes the brain, spinal cord, and other parts of the central nervous system.

A couple of other changes that will take place are the development of the digestive system and sensory organs. The fetus will begin movement but since it is still so tiny, only an inch long and about one third of an ounce, the mother cannot yet feel these tiny movements.

It is no wonder that people consider pregnancy and birth to be a miracle. To think that all of these changes are taking place and you don’t even know it. Many women do not discover they are pregnant until well into their second month, or later sometimes. Our overall health and nutrition prior to pregnancy is so important because of all the developmental milestones that take place very early on in the pregnancy. We all want our child to have the best possible start to life, making sure you are as health as possible before you get pregnant can help make that achievable.

Here are a couple of great websites where you can tract the development of your baby throughout the pregnancy, complete with pictures.

There are many books on the market that chronicle the stages of pregnancy to help give you a better idea of what changes your baby is going through.

Knowing what happens at each stage of pregnancy, and how your health and nutrition can impact what is taking place will help you better understand what you need to do to ensure the best possible start for your baby.

(source: WebMD)

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