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Let's Talk Babies!

About a year ago I started throwing around an idea in my head to develop an informative website dedicated to educating expectant and existing parents on pregnancy, parenting, and all things baby. With much assistance from my rather tech savvy husband I am finally able to see my vision for this website turned into the real thing. So, it is with great pleasure that I make my first post on Let’s Talk Babies.

The idea for this website was spurred by an abundance of research I was doing to prepare for my own eventual pregnancy (later this year, hopefully : )). About a year ago I began to hear the faint ticking of my biological clock. I had always known I wanted children and just figured that when my husband and I were at the right point in our lives we would get down to “business”. I didn’t entirely believe in this whole biological clock business until I heard my own clock start ticking. As soon as the faintest longing to become a mother was felt I dove in and began doing as much research as I could. I have scoured the web, read a ton of books and magazines, and let thoughts of babies take over my brain. The knowledge I have gained and my desire to help educate other women (and men) out there is what led to this website.

Today there is a whole new generation of women who are looking at pregnancy and parenting in a completely different light than our parents did. Instead of just letting it happen we are planning our children around our careers and spending more time educating ourselves. For many of us becoming a parent is an important part of who we are and deserves the dedication we give to so many other avenues in our lives. With this website I hope to provide you with a fun place to come and build the knowledge you will need to be informed during pregnancy and beyond.

I invite you to check out my About page to find out more about me and about this website.

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3 Responses to First Post

  • patsy says:

    don’t forget adoptions (I haven’t read the entire site yet) — there’s lots of pre-planning, thought, apprehension and care that goes into that also, with the same results (A wonderful bundle of joy!) I think this is a great under taking. good luck with this site. i will check back frequently/pas

  • Your suggestions are very much appreciated. I will certainly do some research and do an article on adoption.

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